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Case Study: Iron Mountain Policy Center Project

Iron Mountain Policy Center

User Experience Improvements

Iron Mountain Policy Center solution is a cloud-based retention and privacy policy management platform that provides a user-friendly way for legal and banking users to know legal obligations and show compliance. With Policy Center users can manage their information through the entire information life-cycle - from creation to use to disposition.

Iron Mountain had the desire to improve the user experience for their Policy Center legal retention application, which is used by international law firms around the world. My task was to perform a full assessment of the current state, provide a recommendation based on best practices and our research results. From there I designed two possible solutions using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Axure to create fully interactive UX prototypes.



User Experience Interactive Prototyping with Axure RP

Project stakeholders wanted to see how my UX concepts and improvements would translate into a functioning application. The request was to create a high-fidelity UX prototype that could be shared with other members of the management team as well as select users an before/after usability test. I utilized my advanced skills in Axure RP 8 to create a dynamic, logic-driven interactive clickthrough of approved UX patterns and designs from the previous stage in the project.

Protoype Concept One

With Concept One, the problem we are trying to solve was findability and discreet sorting. Concept One addresses this problem by providing inline filtering patterns and granular-level data settings that users could utilize as saved preferences.

Protoype Concept Two

With Concept Two, the problem we were trying to solve was the lack of flexibility presented in a standard grid/table-based data visualization. Concept Two allows users to drag and drop, place content where they want it and display specific categories of content as to their liking.

Usability Research

Prior to developing the new user experience, it was critical to understand the application current state and user's pain points. We set up both an online survey and user interviews, where we queried users about their experience and opinions on application functionality and system performance as it relates to their individual user experiences. The deck below is a report on our findings, including recommended next steps and changes to the user interface and design.

Usability Research Report

UX Recommendations

This deck is a continuation of the new effort to implement fresh and useful UX patterns. This deck specifically addresses complex data visualizations from a parent-child-sibling relationship spanned across multiple categories.



User Flows in a Tasks Wizard Concept

The purpose of this deck was to illustrate to project stakeholders how a wizard-based user flow could remedy confusion and increase data quality.




Style Guide Development

My final task on this project was to translate the current Policy Center style guide into the new style guide, based upon approved design elements I created earlier in the project.